iphone 6 photoOne of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2014 was to take more photos of places I visit and my own “backyard.” By backyard, I mean Las Vegas and the surrounding area. I haven’t done that as much as I’d like, but I’m working on it.

My photography equipment doesn’t include much: an Olympus C-7070 digital camera and an iPhone 6. I considered buying a DLSR camera, not an overly expensive one, but changed my mind. In the few outings (two to be exact) that I’ve gone out with my Olympus camera to specifically take some photos, I’ve come to these realizations:

  • When I go out, I’m usually with my wife, family and/or friends. Carrying around a camera kind of gets in the way.
  • A larger camera is rather cumbersome to carry around or have hanging around my neck.
  • Downloading the images from the camera’s storage media (CF or SD card) is kind of a pain.
  • I don’t take my Olympus camera with me everywhere, but I always have my iPhone with me.
  • The iPhone 6 camera was upgraded and takes really good photos.
  • My iPhone 6 camera resolution is as good or almost as good as that of my Olympus camera.
  • There are lots of interesting photography apps available for the iPhone to tweak photos to make them look better or create some really interesting photos with digital manipulation.

So the point of this post is that I’m going to ditch using the Olympus camera, except in cases where I know it’ll be the absolute better choice, in favor of my iPhone. With that, I’ll start posting new photos here as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest. In addition, I plan to write posts about what I learn about iPhoneography (iPhone photography), tips, tricks, iPhone photography app reviews and anything else worth sharing on the subject.

Photo by Worldleaks

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