Hot Streak!

Bowling IconI don’t usually brag about myself much, but over the past two weeks I’ve been bowling really well. Here’s the run down:

November 5, 2013: 217 + 277 + 257 + 183 = 934 – The 277 game is my all time high scratch game. The 934 series is my all time high 4-game scratch series. Despite those all-time highs, the series could have been better (see the first photo).

November 8, 2013: 190 + 201 + 190 = 581 – An average night, though it felt like it was worse. I just couldn’t get in a good groove.

November 10, 2013: 256 + 214 + 187 = 657 – Good series, but I need to stay more consistent. The 187 game was below average.

November 12, 2013: 211 + 187 + 238 + 180 = 816 – Slightly above average series, but I was very inconsistent.

November 15, 2013: 236 + 225 + 257 = 718. Now that’s more like it. The 718 series is my all-time high 3-game series (see the second photo).

November 17, 2013: 172 + 235 + 202 = 609. Just couldn’t get in the groove the first game. Missed one easy spare and had one big 4 split.

Here are my current averages (as of November 17, 2013):

Tuesday Nights: 196

Friday Nights: 196

Sunday Night: 207

I expect my Tuesday night average to go up slightly this week, maybe 2 pins to 198. With the 718 series last Friday, my Friday night average might get to 200 or more. My Sunday night average will likely drop a couple of pins.

I’m not missing as many easy spares; I’m minimizing open frames. I’ve been in the pocket more consistently. I’ve been able to string several strikes together more frequently. All these are part of the reason why for my hot streak, but I think there are two more important reasons for my hot streak.

  1. I recently got a new ball, a Motiv Tribal. It’s designed for light to medium oil, which is usually the house pattern at the Suncoast Casino Bowling Center, which is where I currently bowl all my leagues. I also went up one pound, from 14 to 15 pounds. It’s perfect for the conditions I normally bowl on.
  2. I’m staying within myself. What I mean is, I’m throwing the ball too hard. I’m not trying to throw a big hook. I’m stroking the ball.

So is this a hot streak? Or is it real improvement? Will I revert back to where I was three weeks ago? Or is this the new norm? Only time will tell, but I hope it’s the latter.

277 Game

277 Game, 934 4-Game Series

718 Series

718 Series

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