Public Plumes and Plooms

Opinion IconI dislike bad citizens. Those people who don’t know right from wrong, cause problems in the community, are not trustworthy and loyal to other people or are not well mannered or polite to others. But above all, those who think of themselves before the needs of another, a group, a community or something larger. Sort of like Congress. But I’m not here to rant about Congress and the lake of Progress they seem to make. No, I’m here to rail against irresponsible vapers, people who use electronic cigarettes.

Yes, I vape. I use electronic cigarettes. Two years ago this Thanksgiving, my wife and I quite smoking, cold turkey. I was miserable for the entire weekend. On my way to work the following Monday morning, I stopped at Walgreens to get some over the counter cold medicine and saw disposable electronic cigarettes behind the cash register near the regular cigarettes. I bought a couple. I found relief and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since.

After switching to electronic cigarettes, my taste is much improved. I no longer smell like cigarettes, nor do my clothes. More importantly, I no longer have the bad smoker’s cough I once had. They are a fantastic product for smoker’s who want quit or at least eliminate cigarettes. For me they worked 1000% better than nicotine patches. I’m grateful that I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes. I have no doubt that my health is greatly improved now that I vape and no longer smoke. I usually vape responsibly. But there are those that don’t.

I’m respectful of other people when I vape, even though I know the vapor is harmless (it is thought to be so) to them. I don’t vape in restaurants, stores, or pretty much anywhere smoking is prohibited. If there is uncertainty whether vaping is acceptable somewhere, I will not vape or I will stealth vape by holding the vapor inside a little longer than normal so that some or most of it dissipates internally before exhaling. This creates little or no vapor cloud so people don’t realize what I’m doing. I cape in my office and in the warehouse at work. Technically, I’m not supposed to, but my boss accepts it as long as no one complains. I don’t openly flaunt it. The two people I share an office with don’t seem to mind. If someone complains, I’ll go in the warehouse or outside. I’m cool with that.


Ego-T and Ego Twist e-cigarettes

But I’ve heard stories of people who left one restaurant to go to another because the first one didn’t allow vaping. I’ve seen some vapers exhale large, dense plooms (plumes or vapor clouds) indoors. Those are the people that effectively ended vapor meet up  group’s ability to meet at a TGI Friday restaurant where they originally didn’t mind. I’ve heard people say they don’t care about rules some establishments have enacted to restrict gaping on or within their premises. They say they will vape when and where they like.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular every day. Cities and states are trying to restrict vaping as they do smoking even though there are studies that indicate that vaping is not harmful to bystanders and is a lot less harmful than cigarettes. People who act like these bad vaping citizens are doing the vaping community a grave disservice and causing it harm. People see them disrespect them and the rules that some have enacted and draw a negative impression from the experience.

These people are a cancer (pun intended) to the vaping community and need to be shunned. I want electronic cigarettes to be accepted, minimally regulated and minimally taxed. Because I don’t want to be excessively restricted to where I can and cannot vape. Because I don’t want to go stand in the smoking section inhaling second hand smoke while I vape. I vape so that I’m no longer inhaling extremely harmful cigarette smoke. I don’t want to smell like cigarettes. And most of all, because I want non-smokers and non-vapers to understand that what we do is essentially harmless.

So to all those bad citizens of the vaping community: CUT THAT SHIT OUT. BE RESPONSIBLE VAPERS. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM. If you can’t vape responsibly, you can go fuck yourself and the horse your rode in on.

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