Yeah, I stole that from will.i.am, the multi-faceted entertainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. But it’s my name too, and I feel free to use it without infringement of copyright or trademark, especially since I was created and named before him.

Where to start? I doubt anyone is all that interested in a detailed account of my life. In my eyes, I haven’t done anything extraordinary; I haven’t invented anything, built a multi-million dollar company, made any life altering discoveries, changed the course of history through words or deeds, been hailed a war hero or anything else of particular overarching importance.

So I repeat the question, where to start? The many posts to come about my life’s history will likely time jump as I randomly decide what to write about. But since this is the beginning of my personal website, it’s only fitting that I start at the beginning.

I am a native Californian, born in North Hollywood, California on 21 November 1962. I spent most of my youth in Canyon Country, California, a part of what is now the city of Santa Clarita. We moved there from the San Fernando Valley (or perhaps Burbank) sometime before I started kindergarten in 1967. I’m pretty sure we moved there after my brother was born in 1966.

I know there is some German on my mother’s father’s side of the family. I haven’t found when they crossed to America, but it looks like they immigrated between 1865 and 1900. I haven’t learned much about my mother’s mother’s side of the family yet. So far, all I’ve learned about my father’s lineage is local to Mississippi. I’m fairly certain that there is British heritage in my family history, but I haven’t found the link yet. I periodically continue tracing my family history and hope to find something interesting someday.

So that’s my inauspicious beginning. Over time, I’ll add bits and pieces here and there to add to my personal history, but the bulk of my personal website will be devoted to my passions, my thoughts, my opinions and my humor. I hope you’ll visit from time to time to see what I have to say.

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