Goals for 2014, Sort Of

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Resolution doesn’t mean what people think it means. Look up the definition on Dictionary.com. When people make resolutions, they typically fail. Why? Because a resolution is simply a decision of some sort. Decisions can be changed. Sometimes I’ll make goals that I want to achieve during the year. This year this list isn’t really a list of goals. It’s more like a list of things I want to work on or do more of during the year.

  • Exercise more: I already bowl three times a week, but I need to do more: some strength training and ride my bicycle.
  • Practice my guitar playing much more frequently.
  • Keep up with my blogging and writing.
  • Finish at least one of the three leagues I’m in with an average of at least 200. As the first half of each league comes to a close, I’m over 200 in one league and close in the other two.
  • Bowl better at the USBC Open Championships in 2014 than I did in 2014. That shouldn’t be too difficult; I bowled terribly last year.
  • Take more photos (and maybe video) of places I visit and interesting things I see. And share them with my friends. Need to get a tripod, wouldn’t mind getting a DLSR camera too. Maybe take a short, inexpensive, online digital photography class.
  • See more of the interesting things in my backyard; the interesting stuff Las Vegas and Southern Nevada has to offer, like the Neon Museum, Downtown Las Vegas, and more.

I guess two of them are goals: bowl better at the USBC Open Championships this year and finish at least one winter league with a 200+ average. But the rest are things I want to work on or do more of this year.

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