2014: My Year in Review

This post is a little later than usual. Ideally, I would have published this article on 01 January 2015 or sometime during the first week of January. But here it is 12 January 2015 and I’m finally getting around to it.

Overall Year in Review

By and large it wasn’t a great year, nor was it a terrible year.

Stephanie got a fantastic new job, which she loves. She started in February as a contractor and was hired permanently in August.

Stephanie and I quietly celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary on 14 May 2014. When I say it was a quiet celebration, I do mean it. I cannot remember exactly what we did, though she probably does. We probably went shopping at Town Square, maybe a movie, and had a nice dinner, sushi at Kabuki, I think. We did consider renewing our wedding vows, but ultimately both of us decided that we didn’t need to reaffirm our vows and love for each other because it’s really something we do everyday. Had we renewed our vows, I would have voted for doing it in cheesy, Vegas style at one of the many touristy wedding chapels on or near the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Throughout the year, Stephanie and I bowled in few local tournaments. We didn’t bowl particularly well, but we did win back a little of our entry fees.

We’ve had a strained relationship with my parents and brother the past couple of years. Not going to go into the details. But we had a nice time with my brother and my parents while they visited from Mississippi for Christmas. Our relationship with them is on the mend and I think it will continue to get better.

Like I said, it wasn’t a great year. It wasn’t a bad year. No huge events occurred except our low key 20th Wedding Anniversary and the beginning of the healing of our relationship with my parents and brother.

2014 Goals

So, how did I do with the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2014?

Exercise More

I did exercise more in 2014 than I had in previous years. In February and March, I participated in boxing training classes with some people for work. The workouts were fun, but tough. But I stopped going, partly due to tendinitis in my right elbow, but mostly due to my inability (should I say lack of desire?) to get up at 5:00 AM to go. I still might return this year, but currently I am uncommitted.

During the summer I started walking several days a week in the warehouse at work. I got away from it later in the year, but it’s something that I can easily start doing again. I also tried doing some calisthenics type exercises (push ups, body weight squats and lunges, crunches, etc.) in the evenings, but I wasn’t consistent in doing them regularly. But, this is something else that I can easily start doing again.

In July, I made a goal to lose 30 pounds by November. I didn’t make it. However, I had lost 20 pounds at one point. I did gain a few pounds late in the year, but I still ended the year 14 pounds lighter than I was in July.

Overall, I’d give myself a C. I didn’t necessarily hit my goal, but I didn’t totally whiff on it either. In 2015, I’ll aim to exercise more regularly (even if it’s just calisthenics type exercising and walking) and drop 25 or so pounds.


I wanted to play my guitars more frequently in 2014. I totally whiffed on this goal. I think I picked up a guitar 3 times all year. I’m not going to set a musical goal in 2015. Regardless of my best intentions, I never hit this one.


I think I was pretty successful with this one. By my count, I had 19 blog posts in 2014. Not quite two per month. Posts were a bit sporadic. A couple of times, I wrote two or three new posts within a week or two, then went a couple of months without writing. So, I’ll give myself a B on this one, with a new goal of writing and publishing more regularly throughout 2015 rather than the sporadic schedule I kept in 2014.


I wanted to finish at least one 2013-2014 Winter League with a 200+ average. I finished one with a 202 average and another with a 201 average. My composite average for all the leagues I bowled in was 200. Mission accomplished.

I wanted to bowl better in the 2014 USBC Open Championship than I did in 2013. I decided not to bowl in the 2014 Open Championship. I think I did bowl a little better in the Southern Nevada USBC Open Championship and in the Nevada State USBC Open Championship.

I’ll give this goal an B+ since I didn’t attend the 2014 USBC Open Championship and made only marginal improvement in the local/regional tournaments.

Southern Nevada Exploration

Another whiff. I started off well by visiting the Springs Preserve and Hoover Dam, but never went and saw anything else. Maybe I can do better this year.


I think I did okay on this one. I did take and publish more photos, though I still haven’t posted any of the photos I took of Hoover Dam. I had planned to use my digital point and shoot camera a lot, but it’s rather bulky to carry around everywhere and I don’t like to keep it in the car all the time just in case I see something interesting. After I got my iPhone 6, I decided to use it almost exclusively for photography going forward. That’s not to say I won’t ever use my digital point and shoot camera again, but I always have my iPhone with me so that’s what I’ll use 99% of the time.

I’ll give this one a B. I did take more photos, but didn’t publish all of them and didn’t take and publish as many as I thought I might.

What’s On Tap for 2015?

  • Be more consistent with exercise, if not boxing (or something else at a gym) then with walking and exercises I can do at home.
  • Lose 25+ pounds.
  • More photos! And more variety in those photos – a lot of the ones I took in 2014 were sunsets and natural landscapes.
  • More Southern Nevada exploration like the Strip, Downtown, Springs Preserve, Mt. Charleston, various local museums and exhibits, etc.
  • More consistency with blogging/writing.
  • Begin a new website, which will also include some writing. The topic is already chosen, but I’m keeping it secret until I launch it, which I’m planning for the first half of 2015.
  • No specific goal, but just to continually improve my bowling, leagues and tournaments.

Did you make goals/resolutions in 2014? How did you do? What goals/resolutions did you make for 2015? Elaborate in the comments below.


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