Random Gibberish – Thanksgiving 2013 Edition

Random gibberish is a feature I’ll be writing periodically, on a random schedule. It’s an eclectic collection of thoughts, ideas, humor, and other things I come across. Beware! I have a twisted mass of grey matter residing inside my skull. Sometimes it leaks and what comes out is, well, twisted. Read at your own peril. You have been warned. Enjoy!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, I’ll start off with a couple of Thanksgiving videos. First up, WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop. If you’ve never seen it, it’s absolutely hilarious. “Oh, the humanity!”

Next up, Red Bull’s Thanksgiving commercial.

Lastly, Adam Sandler. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Speaking of the holiday, Thanksgiving in America has become a holiday in which we give thanks for what we have, stuff ourselves until buttons pop, zippers fail and furniture groans, then rush out to buy crap we sort of want, normally can’t afford, don’t really need and only because it’s on “sale.” Capitalism at its worst. Makes me sad.

Chanukah began last night, so here’s Adam Sandler once again. For all my Jewish friends and family, Happy Chanukah!

Now for some really random gibberish.

I saw a commercial the other night for Jenni Plumber, which is a plumbing company in Las Vegas, Nevada. It shows female plumbers making house calls to fix leaky pipes. I doubt it means the extinction of this, though one could hope.

plumber's crack









But this is much easier on my eyes.

Female Plumber's Crack









And speaking of plumbers, there are a lot of potential plumbers among today’s American youth. After all, they have the look. Let’s get them trained.

Future Plumbers of America

Future Plumbers of America










Did anyone see RG3 get kicked in the nuts last Monday night? Mike Turico claimed he was kicked in the midsection, but everyone knows what really happened. Even with a cup, that’s gotta hurt. Still a kick in the nuts is kick in the nuts and still pretty funny. Ah, toilet humor. In case you missed it…

RG3 Kicked in the Nuts

Painfully funny!













Moving on… Something that made me go “Hmmm…”

It seems like every time there is a commercial break, there is an auto dealership commercial. You can’t miss them. I actually paid attention to one the other night. I don’t remember the dealership; it might have been Findlay Hyundai in Las Vegas. They claimed they were the #1 Hyundai dealership in America. And, I am willing to bet there is a #1 Hyundai dealership in America in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, New York City, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, etc. Ok, well, maybe not Detroit. So how is it there are so many #1 [Pick Your Brand] auto dealerships in America? Are they all #1 in sales volume (how could that be?)? Customer Service? Repairs? What? I doubt Findlay Hyundai is the #1 Hyundai dealer in America. I doubt they are the #1 Hyundai dealer in the west or southwest US. Nevada? Maybe. Las Vegas? Possibly. Who really cares if you’re the #1 [Pick Your Brand] dealership. It’s not why I visit your dealership to look for a vehicle anyway. Just skip the fluffy crap and tell me the real reason(s) I should shop for a vehicle at your dealership instead of the other guy.

More randomness…

For those of you outside of Mississippi, the Egg Bowl is tonight. Mississippi v. Mississippi State. Go Dawgs! All #HAILSTATE. MSU needs to win to be bowl eligible.

Hail State Beat Ole Miss













The Iron Bowl is also this weekend. Alabama v. Auburn. Roll Tide!

Iron Bowl 2013

Iron Bowl 2013








Thanksgiving is usually a time to spend with family. But my wife and I don’t often spend time with our families during the holidays. My family lives in Mississippi. My brother lives nearby, but he does his own thing. Her family lives in Florida and California. Her sister lives less than a mile away, but she and her husband are off to California this weekend. So, we’ll do our own thing. We started doing this several years ago when we had no family close by or visiting.

Hofbrauhaus, Las Vegas, NV

Hofbrauhaus, Las Vegas, NV

Since it’s usually just the two of us, it’s illogical to cook up a big Thanksgiving dinner, eat leftovers for two weeks, toss the rest and then do it all over again for Christmas two weeks later. The insanity of it all! Instead, we’ll go out for dinner and do something fun. This year we’re going to go see the new Hunger Games movie and then have a nice dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. They’re serving a Thanksgiving dinner, but if we can order off the regular menu, I think I’ll get a German plate, maybe weinerschnitzel or jagerschnitzel. Yeah, that’ll hit the spot.

Before I sign off, here are a few things I’m thankful for:

  • First and foremost, my soulmate, best friend and wife, Stephanie. You are my heart and soul, my everything.
  • My health – Even though I was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, I’m alive and well. (But getting old really sucks!)
  • My family – although we don’t talk to or see each other much (except Stacey and Michael – we hang out with them a lot, usually at a bowling alley), I’m grateful that I have you.
  • My friends – the ones I see regularly and the ones I rarely get to hang out with. You’re all special and dear to me.

I’ll sign off from this tidbit from comedian, Stephen Wright: “…what’s another word for thesaurus?”

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Chanukah!

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